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Westfield, Indiana, is a wonderful place to build a home and raise a family, establish and grow a small business, and enjoy the unique fusion of suburban and small-town lifestyle.  Westfield has been named one of Indiana's best places to live.

As a homeowner, parent, and grandparent of school-aged children in Westfield for the past 10 years, I hear and understand the issues that are important to Westfield's residents, because they are the same issues that are important to me.

I believe that principles and pragmatism should outweigh partisanship and tribalism. 

I also believe that Westfield's children are our legacy and their safety and education should be our top priority.

As Mayor of Westfield, I will focus on the following things:

  • Maintainable Infrastructure and Public Safety - Strengthening our police and fire departments are essential as we continue to grow as a city.  Infrastructure improvements, including widening roads and improving intersections must also be a high priority. 
  • Sustainable Economic Growth - Westfield must encourage private investment and small business growth, without borrowing against and spending taxpayer dollars to pick economic winners and losers.  
  • Accountable Financial Management - Bigger government isn't better government.  We must pay off our exploding debt and work to keep our taxes low. TIF districts are taking money away from our schools, public safety professionals, and infrastructure improvement.  

As Mayor of Westfield, I will hold monthly town hall meetings to directly answer questions from the residents of Westfield.  Not my spokesperson, but me.  I will explain what we do right and what we do wrong.  I will be a Mayor for all the people of Westfield, regardless of economic, social, or political considerations.


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